Pennants and Markers

Osha Perimeter Marker - Yellow
Part#: 15903
Our “OSHA” Perimeter Marker is 105 ft. in length and exceeds the re ... More Product Info
OSHA Perimeter Marker Deluxe Stanchion
Part#: 15903-3
Mutual's standard perimeter marker stanchion is made from durable, high v ... More Product Info
OSHA Perimeter Marker Stanchion
Part#: 15903
Mutual’s OSHA Perimeter Marker Stanchion is an easy way to install OSHA ... More Product Info
Super Multi Pennant Flags
Part#: 15991
Our Super Pennant Flags come in 100’ long strings containing 48 brightly ... More Product Info
Poly Safety Rope
Part#: 14980
Our 100% 3-strand twisted polypropylene rope is great for construction, gol ... More Product Info
Pennant Flags
Part#: 14991
Our pennant flags come in 60´ long strings containing 36 brightly colored ... More Product Info
Pennant Flags - Legends
Part#: 15906
Oversized 12” x 18” pennants spaced every 15” on a 60´ length roll. ... More Product Info
Reflective Streamer
Part#: 75100
Our reflective streamers create an effective safety marker for use in mines ... More Product Info
Hula Skirt Perimeter Marker
Part#: 14976-0-750
Our highly visible perimeter marker consists of Glo-Reinforced barricade ... More Product Info
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