Traffic Cones - Orange

Part#: 17720

Our traffic cones are one of the most durable on the market today. They feature a softer base, and very competitive pricing. Available in 18” 3lb., 28” 7lb., 28” 10lb., and 36” 10lb. sizes. Available with or without reflective.


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17720-18-3     18" 3lb Orange Plain           $ 7.45 each

17720-118-3   18" 3lb Orange Reflective   $11.20 each

17721-28-7     28" 7lb Orange Plain          $12.40 each

17721-128-7   28" 7lb Orange Reflective   $17.20 each

17723-36-10   36" 10lb Orange Plain        $17.80 each

17723-136-10 36"10lb Orange Reflective  $22.40 each

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