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Both highly visible and weather resistant, flagging tape is one of the most widely used products in construction and many other industries.

Overheated vehicles are a common roadside sight during the summer months. But any number of roadside emergencies can occur all year round.

Late July to mid August typically brings the most dangerous temperatures of the season creating a sharp rise in heat-related illnesses.

Construction is one of the most demanding occupations out there. It takes both physical and mental stamina to do the job at hand while also keep oneself and one's co-workers safe.

In many parts of the country, summer storms have hit hard this year. And while that may be good news for the greenery, it can cause unsafe conditions for those who work outdoors.

A properly installed and maintained silt fence is the most effective means for temporary sediment control while a project is under construction.

As we head into those hot, humid, hazy days of summer, it's critical for those who work outdoors to know the warning signs of heat stress and how to prevent it.

It takes only seconds for a sudden electric arc, flash fire, or molten metal splash to engulf a worker in searing temperatures.

Passing cars and heavy equipment present an ongoing danger on any construction site.

On a construction site, the head is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body with eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and brain all subject to injury from falling debris and other worksite hazards.