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In a work zone, the safety of workers and motorists depends largely on the flagger’s capabilities in carrying out their duties.
Research increasingly shows that lack of sleep not only affects work performance, but more importantly, it significantly affects safety.

Because workers on a construction site are most at risk for injuries and fatalities that can occur onsite, they are in the unique position to recognize the factors that may endanger their health an

Since fires can rage out of control in a matter of seconds, every moment counts when locating a water source to put out the flames.

Snow and ice on winter roads roads can mask road markings, curbs, and other roadway delineations.

For crane operators, it’s no small task to operate heavy and intricate machinery while at the same time ensuring safety fo

While a company's good safety record may well reflect a lack of accidents an injuries, that same safety record may also indicate the company is more profitable.

For those who work in hazard-prone industries such as construction, wi

Personal Protective Equipment is essential for protecting workers, particularly those in the construction industry.