In Winter Weather, Fire Hydrant Markers Can Help Save Lives

Since fires can rage out of control in a matter of seconds, every moment counts when locating a water source to put out the flames. Fire hydrants that are readily visible assist emergency crews in responding to, and remediating fires quickly. Unfortunately in winter, snow and piles of snow from plows can easily obscure fire hydrants from view. Additionally, trees, shrubs and piled trash can also obscure hydrants from view at any time of year.

That is why the use of hi-visibility top mount fire hydrant markers are an invaluable tool in emergency situations where locating a hydrant quickly is imperative. The seven foot, high-visibility reflective fiberglass rods help emergency crews quickly and easily identify the nearest water source and gain much needed time in getting a fire under control. Fire hydrant markers are cost-effective and easy to install. Additionally, UV protection to prevents the unit from fading and the heavy duty stainless steel springs make the rod flexible in all weather conditions including wind/rain/snow without breaking.