Save Time, Money, And The Environment With Tree Watering Bags

Industry professionals today are replacing their outdated tree watering systems with eco-friendly, low-maintenance tree watering bags. Tree bags are a highly efficient and low cost way of caring for for newly planted trees. They outperform traditional irrigation systems in 4 important ways:

  1. Saves Money and Labor: Place the bag around the tree, zip to close, and fill with water. There's no need for stakes, digging, and the cost involved in installing conventional irrigation systems.
  2. Saves Water: Water loss due to run-off and/or evaporation is eliminated as tree watering bags concentrate water to the area around the tree providing 100% absorption.
  3. More Effective: The system provides a slow-release of water directly to the root of the plant promoting root growth and reducing the risk of drought shock. This encourages maximum root growth for healthier and heartier plants.
  4. Portable and Reusable: The lightweight bags move and store easily for multiple jobs without the need to transport heavy equipment.

Choose the economically and ecologically sound solution for newly planted trees with tree watering bags.