Prevent Slip And Fall Injuries With Non-skid Tapes

Non-skid tapes are a form of adhesive traction products designed to provide slip resistance on countless types of surfaces. Applying this safety product to areas within a commercial building or manufacturing facility is key in preventing falls and injuries in accident-prone locations. Non-skid tapes protect employees and protect companies from incidents where employees or visitors become injured due to a fall. These traction materials are commonly applied to areas such as these for increased resistance:

• Stairwells
• Hand Rails
• Around Equipment
• On Vehicle Foot Rails
• Bathrooms
• Ramps
• Loading Areas
• Kitchen Facilities

These materials are mandatory in commercial structures to provide a safe environment for workers and others in the building. Non-skid tape is particularly useful in factories, where there is a high risk of injury due to the various types of equipment in operation. Additionally the tape provides traction where grease, oil, or cleaning materials spills might cause a fall or where workers carrying heavy items with smooth shoes can easily lose their balance. Outside weather conditions are capable of increasing the risk of a fall as snow or rain makes ramps and stairs extremely slick. Non-skid tapes offer a low cost solution for companies to improve surface traction and take every measure of prevention against accidents and injury.