Latex And Vinyl Gloves: A Must-have In Today's Industry

Because latex and vinyl gloves are inexpensive, disposable, sanitary and keep your sense of touch intact, they are useful in a variety of situations where you want to protect your hands from fluids, chemicals or infection. When handling dangerous substances, a well-fitted, good-quality glove can be your first line of defense against an acid burn or infection. Latex is popular for its fit and feel but if latex allergy is a concern, vinyl gloves are an excellent choice.  The following are some useful tips for the wear and usage of protective gloves:

Washing:  Do not wash or reuse gloves as the materials break down from both of these actions and can render the gloves ineffective for their intended use.

Stretching: Avoid stretching the gloves as this also affects their integrity.  Gently work the glove down to the base of the finger making sure it is not too tight or loose on the fingertips as this can alter your sense of touch.

Storage/Self Life: Be sure to use the oldest first as gloves do have a shelf life. The shelf life can be affected by many variables so be sure to store them in a cool, dry area.  Moisture, heat, and light are also factors, so avoid storing gloves near a motor or air conditioner. Do not remove the gloves from their original box until they are ready for use to insure you have the correct type and size.