Hypothermia & Frostbite: Know The Signs/symptoms

Being able to identify the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite can help prevent illnesses and/or fatalities that can occur as a result. Learn to identify these cold illnesses and know what to do in the event you, or a co-worker experiences symptoms:


  • When experiencing hypothermia, the body temperature drops below 95 degrees
  • In mild cases, shivering is present
  • In severe conditions, shivering stops, and victim can become confused and/or slur speech. This Can lead to loss of consciousness and death
  • Call 911 in the event of an emergency
  • Move victim to warm area and remove wet articles of clothing
  • Cover body with blankets and tarps


  • Frostbite occurs when body tissues freeze
  • This can occur in conditions above freezing due to wind
  • Amputation of affected areas can result if not treated promptly
  • Symptoms include red skin with white/gray patches, skin feels numb and/or hard to the touch
  • Do not walk on frostbitten feet or rub frostbitten area to avoid damage to tissues
  • Do not attempt to rewarm affected area(s) unless directed to by emergency response personnel
  • Protect skin from contact by loosely covering affected area