Avoid Winter Weather Work Hazards In 4 Easy Steps

Colder temperatures can pose additional dangers to those working in already hazard-prone industries such as construction and other outdoor work. Fortunately, most weather-related accidents and injuries are entirely preventable. See these following tips to prepare for weather related hazards:

  1. Prevent Slips and Falls: Slips and falls are the number one work-related injury so when outdoors, wear non-slip footwear and keep walkways clear and sprinkled with salt/sand. When indoors, keep floors in entrance areas clean and dry, and be sure to have enough doormats and wet floor signs to cover all entrances.

  2. Stay Visible: Winter's inclement weather and shorter daylight hours make it more difficult for motorists, co-workers, and others on the job site to see you. Wearing the appropriate Hi-Vis gear substantially increases your visibility, and from a greater distance.

  3. Dress Warmly: In freezing temps, it takes only minutes for hypothermia, frostbite and other cold-related injuries to set in. Be sure to wear layers, with a light moisture-wicking layer next to your skin and a warm, insulated outer layer. Cover the head and neck area to keep heat from escaping through the upper extremities. Take frequent breaks in a warm, dry area.

  4. Update Your Emergency Kit: Be sure your vehicle's emergency kit includes winter-weather necessities such as blankets, light sticks, shovel, traction mats or salt, water, and snacks.